Q&A: What happens if you don’t fast before a blood test? 2020-12-03 Q: What happens if you don’t fast before a blood test? Should you still do the test? A: If you don’t fast before

What about fasting for a blood test during pregnancy? 2020-12-03 There are several blood tests you may need if you’re pregnant. These are designed to assess any potential health concerns

What if your child needs to fast before a blood test? 2020-12-03 Just like adults, children may need blood tests that require them to fast beforehand. If so, your child’s pediatrician wi

Is it OK to drink water before a blood test? 2020-12-03 It’s fine to drink water before a blood test, unless you’re instructed otherwise by your doctor. This is different from s

Can you drink alcohol if you’re fasting before a blood test? 2019-12-04Some blood tests, such as those that assess liver health or triglyceride levels, may require you to not drink any alcohol for

Can you drink coffee if you’re fasting before a blood test? 2019-12-04Even if you drink it black, coffee can interfere with blood test results. That’s because it contains caffeine and soluble pla

How long should you fast before a blood test? 2019-12-04The amount of time you need to fast for will vary depending on the test. For most tests, you will be told not to consume anyt

How do you prepare for a blood test? 2019-12-04Some blood tests will require you to fast beforehand. In these cases, your doctor will instruct you not to eat or drink anyth

The Takeaway 2019-12-04Blood tests offer an important snapshot of your overall health. They’re also a good way to catch illness or disease early or

What’s the typical blood work procedure? 2019-12-04These procedures are usually done at a laboratory or in a doctor’s office and take a few minutes.To perform a blood test, a n

10 important blood tests 2019-12-04Let’s take a closer look at tests for adults to have done regularly.1. Complete blood countA routine complete blood count (CB

Who orders my blood tests? 2019-12-04Your doctor typically orders blood tests for you during a physical, checkup, or an appointment intended for a specific condit

How long does it take to get results? 2019-12-04Results may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to become available. Here’s an overview of how long some common test

Why do some blood tests require fasting? 2020-12-03Everything you eat and drink contains vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients that can cause the related levels in your blood

What are some routine tests and others I should ask about? 2020-12-03Some of the most common routine tests are:•complete blood count (CBC)•chemistry (basic metabolic) panel•thyroid panel•nutrien

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